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To us it is simple.  This is what we do, love and have been doing for over 17 years.  Many of our customers say that they chose us because we had the fair prices.  Some say that they looked at our website and loved our style.  Lastly, clients say that their friends or the hotel that they were staying in recommended us.  These are all wonderful reasons to entrust us with your precious family memories but we feel you should choose Myrtle Beach Photography because we love taking family beach portraits and everyone knows if you love what you do, you do it well.  With many years practice, we have perfected the art of beach portrait photography. We capture JOY one click at a time.

Our prices are reasonable because we have two full service printing labs that allow us to print our own packages.  This does two things: one, it allows for a faster turnaround and we are not having to pay another lab to print our products.  It also helps with quality control.

We are fixtures here on the Grand Strand and have been for over a decade.  Hotels know us and recommend our services because they know we are dependable, have a quality product and our prices are reasonable.

Lastly, our work speaks for itself.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Myrtle Beach Photography stands behind its work and if you are not satisfied with your images, just let us know and we will insure that you leave our studio knowing we did everything possible to make you happy.  That’s a guarantee.


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