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Business Group and Head Shots … Because we realize you are busy; we have put a program in place to get you in and out with your headshot in hand. For as little as $80, we will choose your custom backdrop, take your photograph with professional lighting and you pick out your choice on the spot. Our professional graphic artist can even fix those little imperfections while you wait. We also have software that can make you look years younger in about 5 minutes. If that was not enough, we will put your headshot on a CD and you can have your file before you leave. All this is offered for as little as $80.00 Headshot and add a full length for additional $40.00. If you have several people in your office needing to update their photograph, we have group discounts available.

What makes a great headshot?

The goal of a great headshot is to showcase you looking your honest best. To this end, there are several ingredients that make great headshots stand above the simply average.

First, the headshot has to look professional and refined. It takes skill and talent to get the proper soft lighting, sharp focus, and expert composition that a talented headshot photographer provides. Expertise in color correction and subtle retouching also serve to make a headshot stand out.

Achieving all this is difficult with amateur equipment and techniques, but even some professional headshot photographers will fall short.

Next, the headshot has to look natural. People are very attuned to the sincerity of a photograph. If the pose, expression, lighting or composition of the shot looks forced or unnatural, it will undermine the purpose of having a headshot in the first place.

To look natural, it is important that you feel comfortable with the photographer. On location or in the studio, a peaceful, relaxed environment will help, but the photographer’s manner will play the most important role. Their attitude in setting up and photographing you will have a huge impact on how natural you feel in front of the camera. Whether you’re a professional model or a camera-shy business person, a great headshot photographer will help you to feel and look natural in the image.

Looking natural doesn’t end with the shoot, however. It’s also important that the photographer knows how to make natural looking adjustments to the image afterwards. The camera sees differently than our eyes, and therefore adjustments need to be made in post-processing to give the most natural result. There is both an art and a science to perfecting the image without making it look processed.

Lastly; however, just as importantly, the headshot must reflect your personality. Only you can bring your personality to the shoot, but a great headshot photographer can help spot it, capture it, and be sure it comes through in the final result.

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