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3 Things people want to know about their family beach session


Things that customers like to know before their Family Beach Portrait Session…
Q: When and how should I book my session?
A: You’ll want to make your reservation well in advance of your vacation to get the best time slot…the golden hours. During our peak season (June through August) it is
a good idea to book well in advance. You can cancel or change your session date without penalty. Many of our repeat families book at the same time they make their accommodation plans. We also recommend booking early in your stay to avoid any sunburn or scraped knee mishaps. Also, if we have a weather issue it gives us more time to try and reschedule your appointment.
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2 Thing customers want to know about their family beach portrait session

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Things that customers like to know before their Family Beach Portrait Session…
#2 Most Asked Question
When is the best time to take beach portraits?
A: On the East Coast, the best time is the “golden hours” just before sunrise and sunset when the light is
softer and the temperature is more moderate. We don’t take portraits in the afternoon hours, because the sun on the beach is too intense which causes harsh shadows and squinting. The first image is sunset and the second image is sunrise.
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1 Thing customers want to know about their Family Beach Portrait


Things that customers like to know before their Family Beach Portrait Session…
#1 Asked Question:
What should we wear?
A: For outdoor photography on the beach, choose lighter tones and pastel colors for the most pleasing results. Family members don’t have to match exactly, but should stay coordinated with simple, comfortable clothing that blends with the beach environment. In most cases, avoid dark clothing, busy patterns, graphics/logos, and primary colors that have a tendency to stand out and clash with the environment. Ladies, we’ll be kneeling and sitting in the sand so be wary of low
necklines and short skirts. Overall…be comfortable.
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Fun Things To Do In Myrtle Beach


When you’re here, the beach is your playground with over 60 miles of sand, sun and sparkling Atlantic Ocean. And while a trip to our beach is a must when visiting the Myrtle Beach area, the fun extends beyond our shores to over thousands of area activities and attractions.

Myrtle Beach’s warm temperatures and abundant sunshine keep everyone playing outside, but take a break from the sand and try racing down a waterslide at one of the local  waterparks or visit one of the area’s many amusement parks for a thrilling roller coaster ride. Or check out some of the area’s most popular watersports, from thrilling banana boat rides to jet skiing to parasailing.

With two state parks and plenty of other outdoor attractions, exploring the Myrtle Beach area’s natural side and discovering the picturesque South Carolina landscape is always a favorite activity. Fishing is another favorite be it from a pier or a charter fishing boat.

Golfers will delight in our over 100 championship golf courses designed by legends like Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman and Robert Trent Jones. Be sure to check out some of the area’s best courses including the nine golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area that were selected among the “Best You Can Play” in South Carolina by Golfweek or the four Golf Digest selected for their “Top 100 Public Courses in America” list.

Shopaholics will be pleased in the wide array of fantastic stores in the Myrtle Beach area. Indulge at one of the areas upscale retail stores or enjoy outdoor shopping complexes while hunting for souvenirs. Bargain hunting is made easy here, too, with two outlet malls offering tons of different name brand stores to choose from.

The Myrtle Beach area has emerged as a hotspot for live family entertainment – offering the best in shows, music, dance, comedy, dinner theater, celebrity concerts, and movies.

Whether you’re planning your next trip for relaxation, exploration or excitement, the Myrtle Beach area delivers. With 60 miles of sandy beaches, endless shopping, wonderful dining, and plenty of family activities, your Myrtle Beach vacation is sure to be unforgettable.

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Rule Of Thirds

“The Rule Of Thirds”
By: Marc Henderson – MBP staff photographer .

Yep..the rule of thirds. It’s a very easy to apply compositional technique that’ll add to the quality of your photos!

Let’s say there’s a nice flower that you want a picture of or maybe one of your dog in the backyard?
That’s great, you have your subject. Now, divide the viewfinder into imaginary lines of thirds – horizontally and, or vertically or both. You know, like a grid.
A lot of cameras have a grid option that you can activate to make this easier. Now, just place the center of your subject on or around the imaginary or actual grid line.

Sometimes when you do this, you’ll find that you may have to move around some to make everything fit in the photo.

Ok, here’s the magic of the Rule Of Thirds. Depending on the area surrounding your subject, you can add a great deal of dynamics to your photo. Telling a bit of a story, in a photo, with your subject or just adding some “breathing room” to a photo can be very powerful as well.

Here’s some examples.

(Click on the photo for a larger size.)

First example:
Here’s a sign without and with grid lines. Notice how the sign is placed in the entire left third of the photo and the birds are in the lower right third with the beautiful blue sky as a background with the clouds in the right side third area.

Second example:
Let’s say you like the golf cart that you have for the day while out on the course. Ok..take a picture of the golf cart. Ah, then you notice the clubhouse in the background. Just back up a some and aim up and to the right, and you’ve added another element to your photo while keeping the golf cart prominent. More than just a golf cart photo now, huh?

Third example:
A direction sign among the shrubs on the cart path at the golf course. Now, just backup a bit and move the camera to the left to add the cart path and more of the shrub. See? That’s adding more related elements to make a more pleasing and interesting photo.

Whether you’re shooting horizontally or vertically, keep the Rule Of Thirds in mind the next time you’re taking pictures.

Give it a try and keep experimenting!


’till next.

Have fun.


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