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Myrtle Beach Photography-Not A Tip But An Interesting Observation

Usually this is a place that I post tips for beginner photographers but I wanted to post an interesting observation that has really surprised me. With all the new technology and do it yourself photography, this industry makes the public think that photography/graphics/printing are a do it yourself task. The reason I am addressing this is something that has come to light especially this year. Myrtle Beach Photography has had a record year for family beach portraits. Our sales of photo packages has increased and sales of high resolution CD’s have gone through the roof. The idea is you can purchase the images on CD and print them yourself. Back to my point. With the increase of CD’s, it would stand to reason that our sale of prints, enlargements would decrease. On the contrary, our sales of prints and enlargements has increased as well. What really surprises me is the massive number of customers who are calling us to have their images, that they own on CD, printed by our professional lab. I will summarize some of their comments: “I was calling to see if you could print image number (?) because when I took it to (insert corner photo lab) it just does not look as good as the ones Myrtle Beach Photography printed. Our staff has know this for along time but now the public is beginning to realize that just because you have an excellent image, you will not get the same quality print unless it is being printed by a professional. Our lab did a test. We took an image and printed it at our lab. We then took it to several different corner labs. You can not imagine the difference in the same image printed at different locations. So much goes into creating a quality print that we cannot even begin to explain here.

My final point is, just because a photographer says that they will photograph your family and put all your images for you to use on a CD, do not expect the final output of all your images to be of professional quality. Professional photography is not just taking a good picture. So many other things go into your final beautiful family photograph. Next time you consider having your family portrait done, there is more to consider than the price of images on a CD.

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Photography Tip by Myrtle Beach Photography: Do you need a filter?

If you only buy one filter…
…make it a polarizing filter.  This filter will protect your lens in addition to giving you a nice contrast to your images.   This is the perfect beginner’s filter, and one that will have the best effect on your day to day photography. A polarizing lens will  give your  skies a vibrant blue tone, your green grass more contrast and give all your  images a greater texture.


Who Wants to be a Photographer?


As many of you know, I own a photography studio, Myrtle Beach Photography, but I am not a professional photographer.  I post tips that I have learned from owning a studio and  seeking answers from my staff of brilliant professional photographers.  I know there are many photography tips out there from professional photographers that are much more technical but I am trying to take this information and translate it for us “want to be photographers”.

I really would like to know how many of you want to be photographer?

For those of you who want to become professional photographers, what are some things that you would like to know?

It has been my experience, while working with many professional photographers, that they know how to take beautiful images but the business side is baffling to them.  I guess I would really like to know if posting about the business side of running a photography studio would be of interest to you.

I will await your responses.

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Myrtle Beach Photography Tips: Fill Flash

Beginner Photography Tips by Myrtle Beach Photography

Fill Flash

The biggest misconception in outdoor photography is the use of fill flash. Fill flash confused me more than anything when I first started trying to understand photography. It is like accounting. When you think you should debit, you credit. To us (unprofessional/photographers) the idea of when to use the flash was a bit baffling. For example, you are standing in the bright sun and common sense tells you that there is already too much light so why would you need to provide additional light. Most people know that if they are indoors, they use a flash. Most point and shoot camera flashes default to auto flash, meaning, if the camera detects there is not enough light for a good picture, the auto flash will kick-in, in low light. What most people don’t know is when you are outside and your camera is set to auto flash, it will automatically shut down your flash. This is perhaps when you need your flash the most. For example, you are out of the beach and it is 5pm, shadows are heavy and your subjects faces are shaded. This is where your fill flash is essential.

Go to your settings, override the auto flash(make sure that the flash icon does not have a line through the lightning bolt or flash symbol) and force your camera to flash. This will fill in the shadows (often cast by hats, glasses, noses etc) and light up the faces of your subjects. On the other hand, if your subjects look overexposed and washed out, you can’t decrease the flash strength try moving back a little from your subject and using your zoom to get a tighter framing as this will decrease the impact of the flash. Also remember, with most cameras, about 6 or 7 feet is a normal flash range. Experimenting is the key. Sample images above show the difference between an image outdoors with the flash on and the flash off.

Get out there and flash away. Find out which settings work for you. We will talk about creating mood with lighting later which we will play with not using flash to create different moods. But for now, when you are out in that bright light and you see shadows being cast, remember that the flash in bright conditions is your friend.

Upload your images so we can see what you have learned.

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Myrtle Beach Photography Tips: Rule of Space

Myrtle Beach Photography Tips


This rule states that if the subject is not looking directly to the camera, or looks out of the frame, there should be enough space for the subject to look into. This technique creates interest in the minds of the person viewing your image. An interesting fact is, the person viewing you image will look where the subject is looking.

If you are taking action images or landscapes with animals, the rule of space also applies. For example, you are taking a image of a horse running, remember to leave an active space for the motion to continue. (don’t always center the horse in the frame but rather leave space for motion in front of the horse. This simple rule will show in the still image that the horse/object is actually moving and has a destination. This also enables viewers to instinctively look to where the object is heading, thus, building excitement within the image and sets its mood.

Not only does it add dramatic accents in your photos, but it also creates a flow to naturally drag the attention of viewers to the direction of the subject.

While following this technique can help you achieve your desired photo, it can also be very interesting if you break this rule.

Breaking this rule, especially in moving objects where the space behind is what breaks or makes the image. Doing this kind of tactic will give the viewer an idea how fast the object had been and where did it come from.

Changing the framing and the look-space direction will also give a different meaning. A subject who runs and has too much dead space behind, means that he is leaving swiftly. But if you put active space in front of it, then it would suggest that the subject is leaving with a goal or target in front.

Play around with your photography to create a story within your image.Let Myrtle Beach Photography know how this works for you in your own photography.See examples of Rule of space below.Would love to hear your comments.Also, if there are things you would like to know, please post and we will try and get to them.

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