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myrtle beach photography


Myrtle Beach Family Photography

Myrtle Beach Family Photography

Myrtle Beach Family Photography

When it comes to Myrtle Beach family photography, there is no comparison. In fact, Myrtle Beach photography has been in the area since 1995. Our professional photographers have the experience, and personality that every family needs. Trust the real pros, not the amateur picture takers looking to make side cash. We do this for a living, and it shows. In addition, your family is very important to us. Likewise we want your family to select our company on your next Myrtle Beach family vacation. 

Family Photography Myrtle Beach SC 

Locations throughout Horry county for Family photography Myrtle Beach SC include, but not limited to. North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach, Sunset Beach, and of course Ocean Isle Beach are some locations we serve. We specialize in one thing here, and that’s photography. Above all your portraits from summer vacation will be with you forever. At the same time you’re hanging pictures on the wall, we will store them on our servers. Whatever your photography needs, we have you covered. 

North Myrtle Beach Family Photography

Don’t forget that we also serve North Myrtle Beach family photography in all of Horry County SC. Our photo packages are now all inclusive. There’s nothing more to worry about on your photography package. We provide the copyrights, the digital downloads, and we own the server. We have your photos safe for years to come in case you lose your copies. Likewise, if you need copies of your photographs, just email, text, or call us. To summarize, we are your one stop photo shop, and we always have been. To clarify, why would you go anywhere else? Our seasoned and talented professional photographers are guaranteed to do an awesome job for you. 

The top photographers in Myrtle Beach

Our award winning team of photographers in Myrtle Beach are ready to give you the best experience , and to earn your business for years to come. We have some of the largest percentages of repeat customers in the area. It’s our goal to not only earn your business today, but for years to come. Let us treat you to red carpet service without paying the egotistical high prices. Affordable luxury photography without the rate hike. 

How to choose a photographer in Myrtle Beach

The first step to choosing a great photographer is to look how long they have been in business. Look at the amount of reviews on Google, and not so much facebook, or Instagram. Call or text them, and see who answers the phone, or responds the quickest. The amateurs doing this as a side hustle, or extra cash have a “day job”. The photographers that do this for a living will answer the phone during business hours. anyone telling you they will call back after 5 is not a full time professional. Facebook has the most beginners, and amateurs posing as pros. They get their family, and friends to give them great reviews, and we see the work they produce. We hear horror stories all the time about how that moment will always be lost. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve is the constant regret from not researching your photographer. Trust the company that has been doing this for over 32 years. 





3 Things people want to know about their family beach session


Things that customers like to know before their Family Beach Portrait Session…
Q: When and how should I book my session?
A: You’ll want to make your reservation well in advance of your vacation to get the best time slot…the golden hours. During our peak season (June through August) it is
a good idea to book well in advance. You can cancel or change your session date without penalty. Many of our repeat families book at the same time they make their accommodation plans. We also recommend booking early in your stay to avoid any sunburn or scraped knee mishaps. Also, if we have a weather issue it gives us more time to try and reschedule your appointment.
The best way to reserve your appointment is to call us at . Call Myrtle Beach Photography today at 843-236-5403 or visit


Cell Phone Camera Tricks

new_imageI am going to start this post very irritated. There is a cell phone company that has a commercial that makes erasing unwanted subjects and objects from an image look like magic. In case you have not seen it, a family member is sitting in an audience and watching a graduation ceremony. Someone jumps in front of the graduate and the person taking the picture says no problem, I will just erase it and like magic the person who jumped in front of the graduate is gone. Well first of all that is absurd. If you take one image and someone jumps in front of the subject, that photo is one dimensional so there would not be a graduate behind the person jumping in front. What the cell phone company does not show you is that you have to take several images of the same pose in order for this to work. Firstly, what would be the point if you had other images of that exact pose. If there was only one image of the graduate receiving the diploma and someone jumped in front of that image, there is no way to have an image of the graduate receiving the diploma.

I pay professional graphic artists to remove people from family portraits all summer season. This commercial makes their job seem easy and makes it look like anyone can do this. This is simply not true. It take professionals hours to to this correctly and commercials like this trick the public into thinking it is automatic.

I just want the public to know that these functions are not what they seem. When you see your proofs and there are lots of unwanted objects in your image, Our professional graphic artists are not just clicking a button to remove them. They work very hard and use their professional skills turn your raw image into your perfect family portrait

Now my rant for the day is done.

Here is a video that shows exactly how this works:





Should a professional photography studio sell raw unedited images…..

DVD (1)

The big question is (drum roll please) Should a photography studio sell raw unedited images? I read many articles, and this one explained it best…..


Do you think the way we preserving our photo memories is better today than yesterday?

Do you think the way we preserving our photo memories is better today than yesterday?

Remember when we put all of our precious photos in a family album? Our family vacations, our family holidays and birthdays were placed gently in a photo album and displayed. They were passed from generation to generation for families to look at, talk about and tell stories about our relatives. Today, we pull our phones out of our pocket and click silly faces of ourselves to post on social media. We have thumb drives and hard drives full of random pictures we don’t have time to look at much less organize and preserve.

What do you think?


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