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Myrtle Beach Photography – Portrait Packages

Brand new Digital download package including full copyright release (Print Package prices are below)

These packages are “all-inclusive” so there’s nothing else to buy. You get “More for your money” at Myrtle Beach Photography (since 1995). If you book anywhere else, you’re not getting the real ” Myrtle Beach Photography” experience!

The mini session: $199(unlimited poses for 15 minutes, 1 to 4 people) (20 minutes is $250) up to 6 people

30 minute session: $299 (1-7 people), 8-14 people $349)(15-19 people $399)

45 minutes session $399 ( 1-7 people) ( 8-14 people  $449) ( 15-19 people $499) 

60 minutes $499 1-7 people ( 8-14 people $549 ) (15-20 people $599) (21-35 people $649)(35 plus people , please call for reunion special rates) 

If you’re confused about the session packages or rates, 

text us anytime at 843-236-5403

Look, we have been here since 1995. We guarantee you get “more for your money” with our company! Once your session is finished your pics will be retouched and loaded to our digital download site. You have full access to download to your computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone at full resolution.

There are no sitting fees with our family portraits sessions. We discontinued sitting fees as of June 7th 2020. We feel this will give our clients a better overall experience. In addition, you may order prints from the packages below, or on our very convenient download site. 

There is no limit on family groupings, poses, and candid shots within time frame. If you’re not happy we reshoot same week! !

Session Times: Approx. 6pm, 7pm (session start time will change depending on sunrise/sunset time, and time of year)

Upgrades: add these to any package.

Ok, before you look at these packages below, just keep in mind that you have access to order all of these prints from our online gallery after your photo session. If you’re unhappy we reshoot the same week

Call For Custom Package:  843-236-5403

The Digital Copies are all the images from your photo session in the online gallery.  The images will have been color corrected and have a professional look.  

High Resolution Digital Copies
Full resolution images are suitable for printing large prints.  Download will come with copyright release

USB Flash Drive   A “USB Flash Drive” can be added to any Download Package for an extra $20.00

Package 3

(A,B,C & D) Whale Packages  Prints + Choose 4 for the price of 3  – Great for wall collages

A. $402

WPA – 6 Sheets plus (Choose 4 items below)     (Sheet = 1-8×10 or 2-5×7′s or 2-4×6’s or 8-wallets.  One pose per sheet.)

A. Hi-Res Download              B. 11×14 Print                       C. 2-8×8 Custom Print          D.  2- 8×15 Custom Prints
E.  2-8×12 Custom Prints         F.  3-5×5 Custom Prints     G.  1-10×10 Custom Print

B. $680

WPB- (12)-Sheets plus Choose 4 items below  (Sheet = 1-8×10 or 2-5×7′s or 2-4×6’s or 8-wallets.  One pose per sheet.)

A.  Hi-Res Download       B.  16×20 Print          C.  10×20 Collage Print-3 image          D.   2-10×10 Custom Print
E.  3-8×8 Custom Prints       F.  2-11×14 Prints      G.  2-8×15 Custom Prints

C. $1043

WPC- (18)-sheets -Choose 4  items below ( Sheet = 1-8×10 or 2-4×6’s or  2-5×7′s or 8-wallets.  One pose per sheet.)

A.  High Resolution Download    B. 16×20 Canvas    D.  2-10×20 Custom Collage 3 image  (same collage)
E. 20×24 print          F.  4-10×10 Custom Prints      G.  11×14 Gallery Wrap

D.  $ 1585

WPD-(24)-sheets- Choose 4 items below   ( Sheet = 1-8×10  or 2-5×7′s or 2-4×6’s or 8-wallets.  One pose per sheet
A. High Resolution Download       B.  16×20 Gallery Wrap Canvas          C. 3-11×14 Prints          D.  15×15 Custom Gallery Wrap Canvas
E.  2-16×20 Wall Portrait Prints  F. 20×24 Wall Portrait Prints     G. 4-10×10 Retro Prints  H. 5-8×8 Custom Prints

Additional Prints  | 4×6 $16 | 5×7 $22 | 8×10 $29 | 8-wallets $29 / 11×14 $85 | 16×20 $125 | 20×24 $ 180 | Larger Sizes

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Myrtle Beach Photography Packages
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