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Terms Conditions

Terms Conditions


Wedding-.   A deposit of 250.00  is required at the time of booking.  Date is confirmed once funds have cleared.   A no- refund policy exists however we do not charge to reschedule, or convert package to family portraits..   If wedding date falls within the March to September period, a full no refund policy is in affect.   All posted prices at the time of  booking will apply regardless of  price changes. The balance is due before date of service in full. Digital proofs are completed and either delivered in under 6 weeks.

Beach Portraits- Session balances are not due until after Session.  No images will be provided until the session fee is paid  in full.  A credit card number will be taken when session is reserved.  Credit card will be charged for the sitting fee after session unless other payment arrangements have been set.  Cancellations  for beach family photos session will be charged for any cancellation other then weather. All booked sessions will be rescheduled for weather. 

Cancellation: If MB Photo Inc fails to perform any duty for any  reasons beyond their control, MB Photo Inc.’s  liability shall be limited to only refund of any monies paid to MB Photo Inc. and will not be responsible for any other consequential damages, emotional or otherwise



MB Photo Inc. owns all images and customers of MB Photo Inc.  do not own the copyright in the photograph(s), unless given a copyright release and waive any right to inspect or approve the finished use of the photograph(s) and that the copyright of the photograph(s)  belong only to MB Photo Inc. unless otherwise expressed in writing. All MB Photo Inc. customers release and discharge MB Photo Inc from any liability whatsoever, for their use of images taken of clients and understand that MB Photo Inc.  owns and can use images for the purpose of promotion and display.

Artistic License: MB Photo Inc. shall  be granted artistic license and released all liability for any images taken during sessions. MB Photo Inc. agrees to not take any images that are obscene or in bad taste,  Customer agrees to release MB Photo Inc. of any liability due to weather or other acts of nature that may disrupt session or alter the appearance of image(s). MB Photo Inc. will attempt to reschedule customer if weather conditions are not appropriate for conducting a session  Customer also releases MB Photo Inc. from liability due to  the weather and the willingness of subjects  to capture all the photographs requested. The photographer shall also be granted artistic license during the editing and post-production process.  MB Photo Inc. is not responsible for consequential damages, emotional or otherwise. The photographers also do not have copyrights, and do not have permission to use any photos for personal, or commercial use. Only MB Photo Inc. has rights to use photos. 

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