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The Best Photography Tips

1. “Photoshop is cheating”, Strive to take ‘good’ photos, rather than photos that I can ‘improve’ later on.

2. If your photo is not good, you are probably not close enough!

3. When shooting portraits in bright sunlight use a flash to reduce facial shadows.

4. Have the subject stand with their body at a 45 degree angle to you but have their eyes look directly at you.

5. “Think BEFORE you press the shutter”

Therefore, putting much more effort in the photos.

6. Examine the 4 corners in your viewfinder.


Make sure there is nothing in the corners of the viewfinder that is distracting form the central subject. For most of us it is relatively easily to focus on the main subject and to find an interesting perspective to capture what we find interesting, but we tend to be so focused that we may forget to examine the rest of the scene for objects that don’t fit. Bright highlights, disconnected object sticking in. Things that distract from the image.


7. “Don’t take photographs of subjects, take photographs of the light”


8. “Take three steps closer.”


Superficially this seems pretty vague, and you can even think of lots of shots in which this might actually be the wrong advice. But in terms of getting one to focus on the main subject – or even to make sure that there is a main subject.


9. “Shoot often and shoot many.” Especially in the age of digital, don’t shoot one, shoot five pictures, 10 pictures, try different settings. The more experience you have, the more you’ll learn and the better a photographer you’ll become.


10. The difference between great photographers and a not so great photographers is that the great ones don’t show their crappy pictures.


And Lastly for this series, don’t forget your camera and take off the lens cap.

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