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Enhance Your Family Photos Without The Expense Of Photoshop

My studio has been using Adobe Photoshop for years. I am about to date myself but I remember learning Photoshop on my first Mac computer. It was a Macintosh Performa and it didn’t even have a CD drive,only a floppy drive. As if you can save a Photoshop file onto a floppy disk. Well photo editing has come along way since then. If you can afford Photoshop, I highly recommend the software. It does amazing things. As many of you have realized, even the best digital photos files need some adjustments. If you don’t want to mortgage your home to purchase a professional photo editing program, give Gimp a try. I came across this photo editor while searching the internet trying to find a fix for some photos that I was assigned to correct. The Gimp program seems to have most of the tools that any beginner would need to simply edit photo files. It has layers, cropping, levels, color balance, mode and almost all the features that Photoshop has and the best part, it is free. Just go to

and download. Just so you know, I have no affiliation with this company and I am not receiving any compensation for mentioning the product. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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