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Santa Photos








Santa Photos

As a mom myself, I can tell you there is nothing more exciting than taking your children to see Santa.  This experience gets built up in a parents head and the expectations are generally better than the actual experience.  Here are some tips to help make meeting Santa a bit more pleasant.


Prepare Your Child

  • Make sure your child is well rested.
  • Make sure your child is well fed.  Bring snacks.
  • Talk about Santa “A LOT” before he/she meets Santa.
  • Go to the place where Santa is going to be and let your child watch other children with Santa several days prior to the big event.

Photo Tips

  • Set that camera to manual mode.  Play around with you settings so you don’t get that yellow tint to your images that can come with setting to portrait mode..
    Portrait mode creates a shallow depth of field.
  • Use Action Mode
    Action mode uses a faster shutter speed and continually adjusts focus as your subjects move. This will increase your chances of a sharply focused photograph.
  • Turn on that Flash

Even if you are in a bright place, your camera may want to auto detect lighting and your flash will not fire.  A well lit Santa is a must.

  • Play Around with the Zoom
    You will have some time so slow down and take images close up and zoomed out.  Remember, the number one rule, lots of images.  You can delete later.  Expression is Everything Your child’s expression is the most important piece of a photo with Santa.


  • Don’t Wait Until Your Child is in Santa’s Lap
    Some of the greatest Santa photos you will ever take will happen before the child is actually in Santa’s lap. This is when a lot of real emotion, not posed for the camera, takes place. Some children will bashfully approach Santa and others will literally leap up to hug Santa. Be ready!
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