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photographing people


Tips for photographing people


*Get in there to get the shot. If you see something interesting, don’t be satisfied with just a wide shot. Get closer and closer until you can capture the essence of the shot.

* Look for objects that make sense in the picture in your foreground. Be careful not to let the object overpower your subject.

* Every time you start to take a picture, look for foreground elements, frames or anything that can enhance the subject image. Strive to make photographs three dimensional.

* If you forget or don’t have a tripod, use stationary objects such as rock, camera bag or anything to steady your camera to be able to drop your shutter speed.

* Go at your subject from many different angels. Change your height levels as well to give your photograph more dramatic effects.

* Create a catch-light in the subject’s eyes with a small reflector, such as a dulled mirror or the silver side of a CD, to add a bit of glimmer.

* When using a flash indoors, move your subject away from walls to prevent harsh shadows.

* A piece of very light orange gel over the face of your electronic flash can warm up the light and give it a more pleasing cast.

* Be patient when you are shooting. Wait for the good shot. Once you have that shot in view, then begin multiple shots.

* While looking through your lens for different textures and patterns.

* When you first arrive at a new location, make note of any features that strike you and try an use that in the composition of your shot.

* Anticipate kids’ behavior. set up, compose your image, and wait for them to come running.

* Most important, when photographing people, find out their interests and try and capture that in your image.

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