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Protect Your Home Before Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

When you are planning to travel away from home on your next vacation getaway here are a few suggestions to keep your home safe.
Hold Your Mail
A stack of mail in your mailbox is a sure sign that no one is there to check the mail. If you’ll be gone for more than a few days, go by or call your local post office and have them put a hold on your mail. .
Make your Home Look as Though Someone is There
Set your lights on a timer
Leave a car in the driveway.
Arrange for someone to mow at least once a week
Leave bikes and toys outside.
Do Not Broadcast on Social Media about Your Vacation
It is fun to share vacation memories with friends and family via social media but wait until you are home to post and share. Use the time to spend with family and save your screen time for when you get home.
In Case of Emergency
If you have a trusted neighbor, give them a key to your home in case of fire or any other emergency.
Get A Security Sign (Even if you don’t have security)
Thieves are less likely to break into homes that have security alarms. You can purchase signs on ebay.
Make Sure Your Electric Devices are Unplugged.
This will reduce fire risk
Hide the Hide-a-Key
It’s impossible to forget you’re key if you’re not even home, so go ahead and take any hidden spare keys out of commission. Just don’t forget to re-hide them when you return!
Set Your AC/Heat
Turn down (or up) the thermostat to save on electricity while you’re gone. In the winter, set the heat to about 55° – warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing, but cool enough to save – and during the summer, set your air-conditioning to 85°. You can also lower the temperature on your water heater.
Safe-Keep Your Valuables
Lock up jewelry, the deed to your home, wills, and any other valuables or sensitive documents in a fire-proof safe.
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